WELCOME TO SUDHA GIRLS HOSTEL The girl students are housed in Sudha Girls Hostel in Lucknow's posh locality Gomti Nagar & very close to Amity  College old campus, Banarsi Das Dental College, Amity College new campus, Jaipuria College of  management  & Govt Homeo pathy College, Gomti Nagar. The rooms are allotted on first come first  serve basis. The hostel is  functioning under the guidance of an Army officer's wife Mrs Sudha Shahi. It has a large common dinning hall with television  and cable connection, where the students can keep themselves abreast  with the events happening around the  world.  There is a dining hall serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sudha girls hostel is a  good Choice for  students  alone or in small Groups near the University campus.


templatemo.comSecurity is our prime concern. The hostel is managed by an army officers wife .The entrance to the hostel is guarded 24x7 by trained guards. All the entry points are covered day & night by survillance cameras.


4/36 Vikalp Khand Gomti Nagar, Lucknow
Call Mrs Sudha Shahi at

                                 Call Lt. Colonel Arvind Shahi
                                 at +91-9532983273

                                  FOR QUICK QUERY


 2 Km from Amity College.
 2.5 Km from Dental College.
 7 Km from Railway Station.
 1/2 Km from Shoping Complex
 4 Km from Jaipuria College of                                   Managnent.
                                  1 Km from ATM.

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